Magic Kids - "Superball"

Magic Kids are a great new band out of Memphis.

When you get a minute, you should check out their debut album, Memphis, on True Panther Sounds.

Also available on audio cassette!

This is my 3rd music video to premiere on the front page of Pitchfork

The band wanted a music video with a late-70's, early-80's vibe. Like those music videos that they used to shoot in TV studios with 3 broadcast cameras. Luckily, I have a Panasonic WV-V3 three-tube video camera from 1986, that we used for the shoot.

Jack Ferry - Director, Producer, Editor
Melissa Schneider - Producer
Todd Wiseman - Co-Producer
Milos Silber - Director of Photography, Camera Operator
Tyler Ben-Amotz -  Camera Utility, Production Assistant
Joshua Kaufman - Production Assistant
Jared Feig - Production Assistant
Sandra Garcia - Makeup
Filmed at Hayden5 in New York City... with this camera.